Why Use a REALTOR®?
Only Sales Representatives who are licensed members of organized real estate (National Association of REALTORS®) can say they are REALTORS®. Only they are held in a high code of ethical, professional conduct and have access to their market data to provide their clients with the most current information to guide you confidently through the buying and selling process of real estate. A REALTOR® will also become a member of your regional real estate Multiple Listing Service and provide you with a current and complete listing of your property, or many options for you to choose from for your future home.

Setting a Proper Asking Price is the Single most important factor

  • „If you price your home too low, you are literally giving away thousands of dollars that could have been in your pocket
  • „If you price your home too high, it could sit unsold for months.
  • „With the latest technology, my extensive knowledge of the market and my analysis of the current market conditions, I can assess your home and time requirements to help you choose the correct price range for your home.

Important to Note

  • What you originally paid for the property does not affect its current value
  • The amount of money you need to get from the sale does not affect its value
  • What you think it should be worth does not effect its value
  • An appraisal does not always indicate what your property is worth on the open market

Guidelines for Pricing:
The true value of your property is determined by what a buyer will pay for it on the open market; this is based upon the values of recently closed sales of similar properties in your area I can obtain on MLS.